• One watchful look
  • The perceptual search for what is happening
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Agustín Demichelis
I am an Argentinean filmmaker.

Music and visual art as well as spirituality and the struggle for social rights have

also been an important part of my life since I was a child.

My need for observing and expressing the world around me drives my creativity and love for what I do.

The aim is to get to the essence of things. Being deeply awake is essential throughout the process.

My academic and professional background helped me shape a personal style.

I choose the projects I will work on. I like working with friends.

I have a positive attitude towards life. I dream. I seek. I do. I live with my family in Patagonia, Argentina.


Para transmitir ideas y generar conexión con el que observa, es vital ampliar la mirada.

- Propuesta -

Cada pieza audiovisual es un documental en sí mismo. La intención de mis trabajos es aportar enfoque al evento y lograr inspirar, creando, además, un material que documenta.

- Propuesta -

Each individual piece is a documentary in itself. The intention guiding my work is to provide focus to the event and to inspire, also creating documentary material.

- -

In order to communicate ideas and connect with the viewer, it is vital to widen the perspective.

- -

My work

Leru Leru, Jardín Maternal Cooperativo.

La última habitación: El despertar de Clara.

Permacultura Naturalia: Celebrando el cambio.

Unite for Quality Education (Education International)

Beyond 2015: Education, a key goal for a sustainable future

Critical Friends Network (Education International)

Fadoc Brasil: Organizaçoes comunitárias do Nordeste do país.

Teachers: A day in a life (Open Society Foundations)

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Not what you do,

but how you do what you do

determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny.

And how you do what you do

is determined by your state of consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle.